Unlocking the Power Of Wellbeing

Empower employees to take control of their mental health and wellbeing. Equip employers to target wellbeing efforts at organisational needs.

Proactive Intervention

Data driven Approach

Reduced Absenteeism

Unlocking Potential

MyMynd is a workplace mental health and wellbeing platform. We empower employees to take control of their mental health. We offer a consistent approach, identifying issues early and directing appropriate support precisely where it is needed, unlocking the potential to thrive.

The health and energy of people are the most valuable resources in your company. MyMynd helps create more resilient employees who are better able to flourish and thrive.

A problem worth solving

Covid 19

Isolation, trauma and uncertainty as a result of Covid-19 have amplified an existing mental health crisis, with 48% of people reporting an impact on their mental health.

Mental health pandemic

The challenge for organisations is getting ahead of this new mental health pandemic, identifying those suffering and targeting support to those in need.

1 in 4

1 in 4 adults are living with poor mental health right now. The majority remain untreated.


Many more people are silently more vulnerable, less able to cope, and risk burnout.


We know that prevention is better than cure. Early intervention can reduce severity to avoid crisis.

In a workforce of 500 people


Employees experience poor mental health.

Days lost to absence.

Days lost to presenteeism.

Total cost.

Cost per employee pa.

Deloitte UK Mental Health and Employers 2020.

How it works

Step 1 assess

MyMynd is based around a secure online behavioural health assessment taken confidentially by employees.

Evidenced based, developed by clinical psychologists, applying validated tools to provide a “BMI” for the mind.

Step 2 understand

Results generate a Total Function Score across key indicators.

Employees get detailed understanding of both their mental (risks) and wellbeing (protective factors and resilience).

Employers get aggregated group data to inform wellbeing efforts at organisational needs.

Step 3 improve

Priority concerns are flagged to our clinical psychologists for validation and further guidance. 

Users access targeted resources/support specific to their own needs to strengthen wellbeing/ability to cope.

Users can retake the assessment regularly to track and manage progress.

Holistic evidence-based assessment

Includes both Mental Health (risks) and wellbeing/protective factors (resilience).

Proactive detection and support

Confidential and accessible to detect concerns before a user is aware of an issue.

Improve wellbeing & ability to cope

Data driven resources to precisely target specific needs of the individual employee.

Early intervention

Data driven content and curriculum to precisely target support for the specific needs of the individual.

1-on-1 human intervention

High priority concerns flagged directly to practitioners for validation and further guidance.

Multi-level reporting

Individual, confidential and aggregated to prioritise wellbeing efforts at organisational needs.

Our Team

Henry Majed PhD


Leon Rodin


Amy Beveridge

Responder Specialist

Hannah Clemens

Product Specialist

Clinical Advisors

Prof Rich Gilman

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Michael Hymans PhD

Clinical Psychologist

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