MyMynd Wellness Centre Guide

Welcome to the MyMynd Wellness Centre Guide.

You landed here because you recently took the MyMynd assessment. In order to work on and improve those areas where your results may not have been ‘optimal’, we provide individual learning modules on each of the indicators, that you can look at in your own time. 

This guide explains the basic structure of each of these modules as well as the icons that help navigate the tools within these modules. 

Please look back at your report and let it guide you as to which module(s) to start with (e.g. those with ‘at risk’ or ‘moderate concern’ scores). Clicking on the “Find Out More” button will take you through to the indicators and their corresponding learning module, where you can then access further information, resources and tools to help you improve your total function score. 

Module Guide

Once inside, all of the core modules follow the same basic structure. Happiness is given as an example.

What Is Happiness?

Understanding Your Score

Why It Is Important

How To Be Happier

Tools To Be Happier

Icon Guide

The following icons are designed to help you navigate the different tools within each module.


Step of the process

Min time required






Resilience Indicators

Patterns of behaviour and functioning that act as protective factors in preserving your mental health and wellbeing.



Personal Standards

Risk Indicators

Generate a negative change in behaviour or functioning, so they pose a potential threat to your mental health and wellbeing. 




Social Relationships

Supplemental Indicators

Additional factors that pose a potential threat to your mental health and wellbeing as well as your physical safety. 

Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Domestic Abuse


Universal Content 

Resources and practices that contribute to good mental health and wellbeing regardless of your total function score. 

Coping Strategies

Mindfulness & Meditation

Emergency Helplines

If you are struggling right now or are in need of urgent support please click here and contact one of the helplines provided or speak to your GP. Do not suffer in silence.